The Ada Approach: Top-Tier Candidate Sourcing

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Accomplished entrepreneur, author and business consultant recognised for writing the influen...

Accomplished entrepreneur, author and business consultant recognised for writing the influential book 'Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.' Gino Wickman's expertise has made him a leading authority in business management and leadership strategies.

Wickman consistently outlines the significance of transparency, sharing your processes with your clients.

Whilst the quality of your candidates is indeed a significant indicator of your recruiting prowess, both Hiring Managers and Talent Teams also place great importance on understanding your candidates sourcing methods.

Here's a breif overview of the candidate sourcing approaches utilized by Ada Meher;

  • CRM/Database & Referral Search; reaching out to our direct community and existing relationships
  • Review Past Job Searches; if AWS is the backbone of the role, chances are we have worked it - we revisit these candidate lists.
  • Job Advert Creation; recruitment specific copywritng training which we use to create succinct, targeted, benefit-led ads.
  • Narrow Keyword Search; we curate a narrow, Boolean string contaning all the essential AND desirbale criteria, location and industry. Typically, harbouring results of 20-30, best-fit candidates.
  • Expanded Keyword & Iterative Search; including the use of synonyms related keywords and testing with different filters to substantially grow a long list of suitable candidates.
  • Advanced Search and Sourcing other Channels; for those nicher roles we use advanced sourcing methods, utilising a plethora of sourcing channels (X-Ray searches, Reddit, Discord etc).

By adopting a mix of the above, we efficiently identify the most suitable candidates, without spending hours scrolling. Get in touch with one of our industry experts to experience, first hand the Ada approach - finding top-tier talent for your team!

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