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We understand the intricate tapestry of technology that drives this field, united by fundamental principles yet diverse in its applications. Whether your ambition is to create a high-performance system, a scalable web application, or a user-centric mobile app, Ada Meher is equipped with the proven processes and expertise to connect you with the finest talent.

Our Core Focus

One of the core focuses of Ada Meher’s recruitment has always been in Software Development. It’s a sector we are passionate about for its innovative nature, versatility, and its crucial role in some of the huge leaps we’re able to take solving important issues around the globe.

Our expert consultants will delve into the technical niches of your requirements, as well as what makes you tick as a business, to ensure a seamless and precise candidate matching experience.

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Areas We Cover

We love working with businesses in the Software space, large and small, across the UK, Europe and USA.  Our track record speaks for itself placing top-tier Software Engineers and Web Developers skilled in PHP, .NET, JavaScript, Java, Python, among other languages.

We also excel in sourcing the vital yet often hard-to-find roles within your Scrum team, including Project Managers and Business Analysts.


PHP is a versatile scripting language widely used for web development. Powering dynamic websites, it seamlessly integrates with HTML. Its simplicity, efficiency, and extensive community support make it a preferred choice for developers, ensuring robust and scalable solutions for the ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us in shaping the online world! 

JavaScript, the backbone of interactive web experiences, empowers front-end development with its client-side scripting capabilities. As a dynamic language, it brings websites to life by enabling real-time updates and seamless user interactions. Evolving with standards like ES2016, JavaScript remains at the forefront of innovation, making it a vital skill for shaping the dynamic future of web development. Join us in driving digital interactivity! 


Python, a powerful and versatile programming language, excels in simplicity and readability. Widely used for web development, data science, and automation, Python's vast ecosystem and ease of learning make it a top choice for developers. Join us in harnessing Python's capabilities to build innovative solutions and shape the technological landscape! 

.NET, a robust and cross-platform framework, empowers developers to build diverse applications for web, mobile, and desktop. With support for multiple languages like C# and F#, it offers seamless integration and scalability. Join us in leveraging the flexibility and power of .NET to create cutting-edge solutions that drive technological advancements! 

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