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Our expertise spans the spectrum of cloud services from AWS, Azure, to GCP. We take pride in our international partnerships to bridge the ever-growing skill gap in Cloud Computing. Whether you’re looking to fill a gap in Data Management, DevOps, MLOps, Platform Engineering or Cloud Architecture, we can connect you with specialists native to each individual cloud environment! 

Our Core Focus

It feels like you can’t look anywhere in tech at the moment without seeing the word ‘Cloud’, and for good reason. It shows how cloud computing has revolutionized our digital experiences and operational frameworks over the last decade. Continually evolving, cloud technology is the powerhouse behind improved efficiencies, enhanced security, and cost-effective scalability in tech.

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Areas We Cover

If your goals include reinforcing security, reducing capital expenditures or simply to automate some of your routine tasks in deployment, embracing cloud-based solutions is your strategic move forward. As a result, the surge for skilled cloud computing professionals is reaching new heights, and Ada Meher is at the forefront of meeting this exponential demand.


Cloud Data Engineering revolutionises data processing by leveraging cloud infrastructure. Engineers design and implement scalable and efficient data pipelines, harnessing the flexibility and power of cloud platforms. Join us in the dynamic field of Cloud Data Engineering, where your expertise transforms data management, enabling organisations to thrive in the era of cloud-based innovation! 

Cloud/DevOps Engineering converges cloud technology with DevOps practices, ensuring seamless development, deployment, and operation of applications. Engineers automate processes, enhance scalability, and optimise performance in cloud environments. Join us in the cutting-edge domain of Cloud/DevOps Engineering, where your expertise fuels continuous integration, delivery, and innovation in cloud-based ecosystems! 


MLOps, the synergy of machine learning and operations, streamlines the end-to-end lifecycle of machine learning models. It involves continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring, ensuring models operate efficiently in production. Join us in the evolving field of MLOps, where your expertise bridges the gap between data science and operations, driving seamless integration and optimisation of machine learning solutions. 

Platform Engineering focuses on creating robust and scalable technology platforms that support various applications and services. Engineers design, deploy, and maintain the infrastructure, ensuring reliability and performance. Join us in the innovative field of Platform Engineering, where your expertise contributes to building the foundation for cutting-edge technologies and seamless user experiences.

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