A positive swing: Big firms surer about the future

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Pheww… finally some positive statements inspiring confidence within the hiring markets ...

Pheww… finally some positive statements inspiring confidence within the hiring markets in regards to an optimistic outlook on today’s economy.


It’s been a long time coming really, as not since the COVID Vaccine rollout has there been such a surge in confidence. This boost in optimism has generated a positive response, especially for recruitment market. As a executive search partner, we have already felt the rising demand.


Big firms becoming a lot more confident has stemmed from over 25% more chief financial officers feeling better about the future than worse. Putting these figures into more of a time-framed perspective, 17% felt the opposite three months ago. With those chief financial officers surveyed being predominantly from bigger businesses– often part of global operations – this change in mood is helping to stir revival, not just internally, but surging both customer and client confidence, and in turn spurring positivity regarding recruitment rates.


Chief Economist at Deloitte, Ian Stewart, ascribed the bounce back in several sectors in one go “Since the beginning of the year, energy prices have fallen, inflation looks to have peaked, relations with the EU have improved since the Windsor framework and there has been a period of comparative political calm after the turmoil of last year.”


You don’t need us to point out the recent disruption and abnormalities – those challenges haven’t just gone away, but it seems to be turning a corner. With perceptions mattering and the fact the economy has been able to outperform such expectations could help stir future business – which is good for companies looking to expand.


So get ahead of the game - speak to one of our pro’s and take the lead in the hiring sector and boss recruitment markets as the economy begins to re-flourish!

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