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Ada Meher Way

It's our commitment to excellence in tech recruitment with a blend of talent strategy, market insight, and a personalised touch.

About Us

Based on our extensive experience and understanding of Tech recruitment, we have developed our "Ada Meher Way", our approach refined over time through real-life cases and research, allowing us to identify the most effective strategies for maximising success and ensuring optimal client satisfaction.

It's not just about filling positions; it's about understanding the heart and soul of your business to find candidates who truly fit. We're here to break the mould of conventional hiring, integrating market insights with a keen sense of your company's unique culture and needs, to ensure every match we make advances your business goals and team dynamics.

1. Briefing Call

First, we need to identify the key skill gaps within your team, ascertain the ideal personality traits that align with your company culture, and determine the specific benefits and opportunities you offer to potential candidates. It is crucial to ensure a successful mutual match.

2. CV Sourcing

We have complete strategies for candidate attraction, for both active and passive candidates, combining data-driven techniques with human insight to identify candidates who not only meet the criteria but also promise long-term value. We are committed to an equal opportunity approach, ensuring that candidates are evaluated based on their skills, personality fit, and experience without any bias.

3. Vetting

We conduct thorough interviews with hundreds of niche candidates and use the information gathered from the briefing calls to present you with a shortlist of 5-7 top matches. This is done through a 30-40 minute telephone interview with one of our consultants, providing all relevant information such as notice period, right to work, reasons for leaving, and expected salary in an easy-to-read front-sheet on the CV.

4. Interview Scheduling & Prep

We alleviate the stress of coordinating interviews and ensure that candidates are well-prepared with the format notes you provide. We maintain open communication with you, advising you of any relevant information about the candidates that may need attention, allowing you to be fully prepared without any 'surprises'.

5. Feedback

We are anything but passive. We will conduct a thorough debrief with the candidate to discuss their overall experience, address any concerns they may have, and gather feedback. Subsequently, we will schedule a call with you to share their feedback and discuss potential next steps.

6. Offer & Onboarding

Unlike some recruiters who consider their role complete after making a job offer, we believe our commitment extends beyond that. In reality, if we have successfully completed the previous steps, the offer process should be straightforward. However, we will be actively involved throughout the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition without any obstacles or difficulties.

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