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Whether you’re a start-up with an AI/ML based product looking to redefine the marketplace or an established industry leader pushing the bounds of tech innovation, speak to one of our AI/ML specialists about our talent networks and how we can support your growth with the right expertise. 

Our Core Focus

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an area of computing that is taking the industry by storm, and at Ada Meher we’re really excited to stand at the forefront of this evolution, actively making our mark across the UK, EMEA and the US. The advancements we’ve witnessed over the last decade states the transformative power of AI and ML technologies, which are set to deliver even more groundbreaking applications to many industries in the near future.

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Areas We Cover

As the global impact of AI & Machine Learning continues to grow and shape the future of technology, we are excited to partner with some of the most innovative pioneers in the sector and allow them access to specialised talent in Computer Vision, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Predictive Analytics and Embedded AI, ensuring our partners are primed for progress.


Computer Vision, the eyes of artificial intelligence, enables machines to interpret and understand visual information. This interdisciplinary field combines image processing, machine learning, and neural networks to replicate human vision. Join us in the exciting domain of Computer Vision, where your expertise contributes to advancements in automation, image recognition, and innovative technology solutions! 

Natural Language Processing (NLP), the bridge between computers and human language, empowers machines to understand, interpret, and generate human-like text. Leveraging machine learning and linguistics, NLP enables applications like chatbots and language translation. Join us in the dynamic field of Natural Language Processing, where your expertise transforms how machines comprehend and communicate! 


Predictive Analytics, the crystal ball of data science, involves using statistical algorithms and machine learning to forecast future trends and outcomes based on historical data. Skilled analysts extract valuable insights, aiding strategic decision-making. Join us in the world of Predictive Analytics, where your expertise shapes a proactive approach to business challenges, unlocking a competitive edge! 

Embedded AI integrates artificial intelligence directly into devices or systems, enabling them to perform intelligent tasks locally. This technology enhances efficiency, responsiveness, and autonomy in various applications, from smart devices to industrial machinery. Join us in the exciting field of Embedded AI, where your expertise contributes to creating smarter, more capable systems! 

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