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Ada Meher is a trusted recruitment partner for companies across FinTech, Retail, GreenTech and many more emerging sectors. We empower businesses to interpret complex data sets, catalyze actionable strategies, and tackle some of the most pressing real-world challenges. The possibilities within Data Engineering & Analytics are limitless, and we're just beginning to tap into this expansive potential

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Data Engineering and Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing markets within the IT space at the moment, due to its ability to unlock insights and potential that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

As such, Data Engineering & Analytics is one of the highest growing areas of talent demand across Europe and the USA, with links into other burgeoning sectors such as AI/ML and Cloud Computing. Whether you’re looking for Data Engineers, Scientists, Analysts or Architects, we can provide you access to the top experts in this field with our exclusive talent pool and extended professional network.

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Areas We Cover


Data Engineering, the backbone of data-driven decision-making, focuses on designing and constructing robust data architectures. Skilled data engineers build pipelines, integrate systems, and optimise data flow, ensuring efficient and reliable data processing. Join us in the world of Data Engineering to shape and harness the potential of big data for impactful insights! 

Data Science, the frontier of insights, utilises statistical analysis and machine learning to extract valuable knowledge from data. Data scientists uncover patterns, make predictions, and inform strategic decisions. Join us in the dynamic field of Data Science, where your expertise can drive innovation, uncover trends, and revolutionise decision-making processes! 


Data Analysts, the detectives of data, play a crucial role in interpreting and translating complex datasets into actionable insights. Proficient in statistical analysis and visualisation tools, they uncover trends and patterns that drive informed business decisions. Join us in the world of Data Analysis, where your skills transform raw data into meaningful narratives! 

Data Architecture, the blueprint of information systems, focuses on designing robust frameworks for data management. Skilled architects create structures that ensure data accessibility, integrity, and efficiency. Join us in the realm of Data Architecture, where your expertise shapes the foundation for effective data utilisation, fostering innovation and strategic decision-making! 

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