Technology & Mental Health: A force for good?

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It's Mental Health Awareness Week! With this years' theme being 'anxiety', the cam...

It's Mental Health Awareness Week! With this years' theme being 'anxiety', the campaign aims to help people/organisations to understand the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders, and to confidently seek and signpost one another to the right support.

Given the ubiquity of the industry and the growing nature of the sector - the widespread integration of technology into daily life, especially through the internet and digital platforms, mental health counsellors are, at no surprise, encountering clients who face issues directly related to the growing use of digital media. It is evident that media platforms have significantly impacted the way individuals communicate. 

With the direct understanding of the relationship between mental health and technology still in its early stages, it is valuable for mental health advisors to familiarise themselves with research and insights into the impacts, acknowledging both the negative and positive effects.

Despite its drawbacks, technology continues to enhance various aspects of daily life, specifically beneficial to mental healthcare. Often diluted by the negative impacts of use, there are several notable areas where technological advancements have positively influenced clients' ability to manage their mental health.

Particularly in regions where mental health services are limited, technology holds promise as a means to improve acess to care. Modern platforms can now offer cost-effective services and more than just informantion to clients. Smartphone apps designed to promote mental well-being, can now enable patients to undergo cognitive behavioural therapy remotely. The British-based service, Big White Wall, supported by the government-funded National Health Service, is a platform empowering users living with mental health issues to self-manage their symptoms through educational resources, online conversations and virtual classes on mental-health related topics. 

Mental health counsellors can now leverage technology to facilitate access to services like Big White Wall, promoting apps and other online resources that contribute to general mental health improvements. Studies have found technology can complement in-person counselling! Cementing the use of technology parallel to improving mental health, counsellors are discovering that digital platforms allow for the development of deeper working relationships with clients, particularly among younger individuals who are accustomed to using technology daily.

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