Finding a job has never been easy - it takes time and perseverance. Like most job hunters, you’ve probably experienced the frustration that comes with tediously searching through a jobsite for a role that doesn’t have unrealistic expectations. 
This is where recruitment consultants can help make landing the right role, a walk in the park. As recruitment experts ourselves, here are 7 reasons why consultants can help you get the job you’ve always wanted. 

Consultants know the field

Selecting a recruitment consultant within your sector means you’ve got a pro to help guide you through the process – this will pay dividends as they are able to share in-depth information about the expectations of the role, if your experience and qualifications match to make it worthwhile applying. And consultants can offer insider tips on what buzzwords and precise skills the organisation are looking for to help you smash that interview. 
Throughout the IT sector, our consultants at Ada Meher are industry-wide experts. So, if you find yourself working with one of our team, we can guarantee that you are dealing with a sector specialist who truly understands your job-search. 

Consultants cast a wide net

One huge advantage of working with recruitment consultants is that they already have established relationships with employers, which means employers trust that if your CV lands in front of them, you are a quality candidate with the skills they need, which instantly puts you in a stronger position. 
Some employers only recruit through a consultancy, which means you might land yourself a role that isn’t open to the wider market, so you gain access to a wider range of jobs, with a small pool of candidate competition. 

Consultants offer support and feedback

Arguably the most invaluable service that recruitment consultants provide is help with crafting your CV to your desired job role. Without guidance, it can be hard to tell what it is you are doing right and wrong - a consultant, as an expert in recruitment, can help point you in the right direction with your CV and cover letters. You can also ask consultants questions that you wouldn’t ask in an interview, like what does the company do, how much annual leave you get each year, or what your working hours would be, questions you might not feel comfortable asking the employer during the process but are key in your requirements of a new job. 
Recruitment consultants can also aid with interview preparation, as they will have seen plenty of candidates and clients, so they have knowledge of what questions may be asked and how to answer them – this is an invaluable benefit to set yourself apart from other candidates. 

It’s an on-going relationship

When you register with a recruitment consultant, you remain on the database; the consultant then uses an applicant tracking system to pull relevant candidates. Plus, if you choose to make another career move, you already know who to get in touch with, and they know you – it’s a partnership for life. Or, if you’re ever in the position where you need to recruit someone, you already know someone with proven skills to find the right person for your team.

It saves time

Enlisting the aid of a recruitment consultant adds another pair of eyes to the job search. Consultants spend eight hours a day searching for candidates to partner with their clients, whereas you likely have other responsibilities, such as your current job or family that you would rather to focus on. 
It is important to think of a recruitment consultant as a tool to aid in your job search, rather than a tool to replace your job search. Remember, consultants aren’t devoting their time solely to your job search, they have many candidates in the mix for several different roles, so it may take a while before they get something relevant to you, but when they do, you can be sure the role will meet your search criteria. 

It’s free

As with all great things in life, using a recruitment consultancy is completely free for job-seekers. Clients pay consultants to search for and select candidates so, as a job seeker, you never pay a penny for the service. If you are at all worried about the consultant’s fees coming out of your salary, you can rest easy knowing that consultants are paid based on your starting salary, but their fee does not come out of your own salary. 

How Ada Meher can help

Finding a decent job is difficult and it is sometimes hard to know who you can rely on, which is why Ada Meher are working to set a new precedent in recruitment. We are dedicated to ethical, honest recruitment, with the goal of being as transparent as possible with our candidates. Check out the jobs we have available here.

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