The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) estimate that at least 3 million people have fled their homes due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the people who stay are being rendered homeless due to the devastation. Alongside this, critical infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed in many cities, depriving Ukrainian residents access to crucial supplies including medicine, food, and water. 

As a result of this catastrophic situation in Eastern Europe, the teams at Ada Meher and our sister company Gilbert Meher, have rallied together to launch a (virtual) ‘Commute to Ukraine’ campaign in order to raise money for those in need. The campaign involves a cumulative effort from all employees to travel the distance between our offices here in Leeds, and Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, estimated at just over 1,500 miles (approx. 2,400km). The fundraiser consists of a 2-week physical challenge, from 17th – 31st March, in which the team will use the exercising tracking app, Strava, to record the distances covered during activities such as walking, running, cycling or even swimming in the aim of accumulatively reaching that 1,500-mile goal. 

All donations from ‘Commute to Ukraine’ are going to the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

According to the DEC:
•    £30 could provide hygiene supplies for three people for a whole month
•    £50 could provide blankets for four families
•    £100 could provide food for two families for a month

In support of the efforts to help those displaced by the conflict, the Gilbert Meher group have pledged to match donations up to the value of £1,000. So, if employees reach their goal of just £1,000, in total with matched donations by the Gilbert Meher group and Gift Aid, the Commute to Ukraine campaign could raise a massive £2,500 to help the humanitarian cause in Ukraine. 

The fundraiser consists of a 2-week physical challenge, from 17th – 31st March. 

Follow our progress as we rack-up the miles via our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages; we will be periodically releasing updates to show how far we’ve travelled on our virtual tour to Kyiv. 

Support our Just Giving page here.

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