Nobody likes interviews. Well, there may be a select few that do, but from our own experience here at Ada Meher we know that they are our candidates’ most disliked part of any process.


So, in order to combat this and help our candidates we offer them our expertise and advice on how best to smash that interview and secure their dream role. And now we’re giving some of that advice to you…






Tip #1 – Be selective

We suggest that you should limit your applications to roles that really tick the right boxes. It’s far better to give your all to 2 or 3 processes at a time than it is to try to juggle 5-10 at once and not perform to optimum in any. It’s the equivalent of playing averages or chucking mud at the wall and hoping it sticks. Some might, but it likely won’t be for the best role you could achieve if you really focused on just that one. But all this being said, we wouldn’t suggest just putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s a fine line to tow, but 2-3 great roles that seem to be the perfect fit are a good number of processes to manage.



Most interviewers are looking for 3 things, broadly speaking, from the interview process. The first is can this person do the job? I.e. – do they have the right skills? How was the tech test/interview? Did they communicate well? What processes/methodologies do they follow?


Tip #2 – Know your stuff

Outside of revising the details of projects you’ve completed using the relevant tech stack, there isn’t a lot of prep you can do for this, you either know it or you don’t a lot of the time. However, it links directly to tip #1. We’ve seen instances where candidates have taken the time to prep small commits in tech stacks they’ve not worked with before but want to get into, to showcase that skill and learning ability at a technical interview. It shows great initiative and is something you wouldn’t be able to manage if you are trying to do too many interviews at once.


The second thing most interviewers look for is does this person really want the job? – Have they done their research? How enthusiastic do they seem?


Tip #3 – Be enthusiastic

Now, we wouldn’t expect everyone to 100% want every job they interview for, of course. But employers need to think that the interview is being taken seriously and not just “another” job in a whole reem you are applying to. The above is a great way to do this, but of course not always necessary. My general advice on this is all about how you prep your questions for the interviewer.


Firstly, make sure you’ve prepped one question that shows you researched the company – maybe a recent article or case study?


Secondly, make sure you prep questions that speak to your motivations. Most of us want personal development or progression out of a role, to pick two examples. So, ask questions like “What is the learning potential in this role?” or “What are the longer-term opportunities?” – no hiring manager dislikes candidates who want to better themselves or stay long-term (or if they do I’d be very suspect about the job). It’ll also get you a load of useful info on whether it’s the right role for you or not.


The final question most interviewers ask themselves regarding a candidate is how strong is the cultural fit?


Tip #4 – Be Yourself!

Companies must get the right person, not just the right skill set. There is no magic rule on this, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get a job by acting differently from what is natural – that’ll only cause issues further down the line. BE YOURSELF!


Want to learn more ways to improve your interview technique?

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